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Coworking Space b+office Berlin Kreuzberg Tageslichtfans

Coworking Office Space Berlin

b+office – Space for those who fancy Sunlight, Single- or even Teamplayer – we offer an open and constructive environment to boost your productivity up and to create ideas and successful business.



Coworking is now one of the global trends. It is the way independent, creative risk takers are working and at the same time networking in one space which consists of people with diverse jobs. Here in b+office, we offer you a coworking space and private offices for you to power your productivity up but also another areas in the building for you to connect with another like-minded people. Maybe over espresso in the spacious kitchen area, over lunch while playing kicker or dart, or also over brunch event. If you want to hold a workshop or a conference, our meeting room is available to rent.


To all Start-Ups, freelancers, digital nomads and basically anyone, who needs place to work, b+office coworking space in...

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Are you looking for an office for you, your team or your Start-Up and even for a long time? Great! We have some irresist...

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Our conference room is equipped with everything you need for your meeting, starting from multimedia presentations until ...

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Awareness of FAIR-TRADE in Coffee

28qm Buero b+office Coworking Space Berlin Kreuzberg

28m² Office

Entrance B

Möbel bei b+office CoWorking Berlin Kreuzberg


24qm Buero in Coworking Space

2nd Floor

Bau, Treppe b+office Berlin Kreuzberg Coworking Space

The Building

24qm Buero b+office Coworking Space Berlin Kreuzberg für Teamplayer

24m² Office

b+office Coworking Space Berlin Kreuzberg Gebäude


The concept of coworking as a creative method of enriching and expanding our original consulting business came about while we were searching for a larger space for our own daily business. We want to create an independent community of creative profes…